The decision to break with Hatnuah leaves Labor in historical lows in Israel

Labour leader Avi Gabbay’s unilateral operation of breaking with Tzipi Livni’s centrist Hatnuah on January 1 to be able to lead a center-left alternative has become a big failure according to the first polls carried out after the decision was made. If in 2015 the Zionist Union, formed mainly by Labour and Hatnuah, managed to be second force with 24 seats (to 6 of the Likud) now after its separation the Panels poll gives Labour only 8 seats while its ex-partners of Hatnuah will not even achieve parliamentary representation. The main beneficiaries of the continued collapse of the Zionist Union are two other forces that want to lead the centrist opposition to Likud, Yesh Atid of Yair Lapid and Hosen Yisrael of General Benny Gantz, both tied to 12 seats according to the poll. In this scenario Likud with 30 seats will only need the support of the conservative forces to add up the 61 seats needed for the majority.


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